Bipasha Basu Fitness Diet

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu Diet:

Bipasha Basu apart from being a wonderful actress, also has one of the hottestt figure in Bollywood.  However this was not the case earlier, rather Bipasha was target of criticism for being too fatty and irregular body shape!. And soon the Bengali babe with a height 5’8″ started improving her diet and fitness workouts.The result is seen by whole world, Bipasha Basu now have an enviable figure of 36-28-36. So lets check out Bipasha’s Diet plan and fitness secrets:



Bipasha’s Diet starts with luke warm water , a cup of tea , and almond soaked overnight-rich source of vitamin E.


Bipasha Basu

Breakfast: at 9 AM

Sharp at 9, she has

  • 1 Glass skimmed milk
  • 6 Boiled eggs-white portion only
  • Toasts and Mushrooms, with Porridge
  • Fresh fruits – mandatory

Bipasha Basu

Lunch: at 1pm

Sharp at 1pm, she has

  • 2 soya chapattis
  • Green vegetables
  • 1 bowl Dal
  • Grilled chicken or Fish
  • Green salad
  • Strictly no rice

Evening: at 5pm

  • Tea at 5pm
  • With digestive biscuits

Dinner: at 9pm

Sharp at 9, she has

  • Dressed salad
  • 2 Chapattis
  • 3 vegetables cooked in olive oil
  • Dal

  • Grilled fish or chicken

  • Small portion of desert



Bipasha Basu advices her fans to eat six small meals at regular interval in a day, so as to keep the metabolism of the body active. She also advises to have good sleep , for almost 7-8 hours ,a day and drink lots of water throughout the day. Also one must exercise for an hour atleast 4 times in a week to stay fit and be healthy.

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Bipasha Basu


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