Deepika Padukone Diet


Deepika Padukone


Deepika Padukone Diet:

The secret behind Deepika Padukone’s gorgeous and perfect figure 36-24-36 is her strict diet routine. She is one of the most beautiful actress in Bollywood. Her sports gene make a mix of athlete type figure. Deepika is 5’9″ tall and her weight is around 60 kgs. She has a perfect figure. Lest check out the diet and and fitness routine of this “Dream Girl” :

Deepika Padukone



Deepika gets up early at 6 am during shooting days and on non-shoot days she gets up around 8 am. She heads off to the garden and starts her fitness workout. She prefers doing yoga and free-hand exercises to tone up her body and stay fit.




Deepika is a true food lover and loves to binge on Thai food and choco desserts. She believes one should enjoy eating their favourite foods as starvation doesn’t help in loosing your weight. Combination of  healthy diet and proper exercise is her mantra for a such a sexy figure she has. She prefers eating egg-white portion only, loves plain dosa with pudhina chutney ,idlis, upma and paranthas.



She loves eating food cooked at home. This includes- dal, rotis, sabji, salad, dahi and raita, i.e all common homemade items. Often she had to eat outside, so she only prefers idlis and food with very less oil in it.




Deepika loves to have fruits. Her favourite fruits are grapes, mangoes, apples and watermelons and she prefers coconut water all time. She have cocoonut water in the morning after breakfast and also in the evening.






Deepika Padukone’s doesn’t prefer heavy foods like rice. She likes to eat porridge with homemade dal and steamed sabji with pickle. She only eats light food for dinner, and she doesn’t prefer chicken or grilled fish at night.


Deepika Padukone



Padukone’s diet chart, with no doubt is perfect to get an excellent body figure. She also loves to have dark chocolate, which is rich in proteins and fat also, interestingly this makes her worry about her “well maintained” figure. She normally expresses aimless need to quit the bad habit of having chocolates as it has lots of calories, but the foodie hot actress knows how to handle the fat gained after having chocolates!!!.


Deepika believes Think healthy and have a positive mind set!– is secret of her adorable body

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    i love deepika.thanks for sharing!!!!

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    It is a very good plan to follow as I lost a whole stone in 1 month following it.

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    just fantastic…………..

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    i like u deepi

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