Deepika Padukone


The beautiful Bollywood actress and former model Deepika Padukone is globally liked for her style, acting and figure. Born in a sports family, she still chose acting as a career and didn’t will in sports. After the dashing loveable performance in her debut film Om Shanti Om, Deepika was already amongst the top actresses in Bollywood. And also because luckily, King Khan was the opposite star cast with in her in that film. So, it wont be wrong to conclude that within a short span of time, Deepika Padukone has gained immense fame and popularity. Lets check out her Body Stats and secrets.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone Height:

She stands 5 feet 9 inches i.e. 1.74 metres tall.


Deepika Padukone Figure:

She has got sports genes and thus a perfect 36-24-36


Deepika Padukone


Deepika Padukone Weight:

She weighs around 60 Kgs.


Deepika Padukone Birthday/Age:

Deepika was born on January 5, 1986, thus she is 26 years old at present.


Deepika Padukone


Deepika’s Father,Mother and Family:

  • Father:  Prakash Padukone
  • Mother: Ujjala Padukone
  • Siblings: younger sister -Anisha Padukone


Zodiac Sign:

Capricorn !!


Deepika Padukone’s Birth Place:

The lucky girl was born in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Deepika’s Hair Color:

Goldish Brown colored


Deepika Padukone religion:

She is Brahmin, Hindu


Deepika Padukone


Deepika’s Mother Tongue:



Her Eye Color:

Deepika’s Eyes are very attractive and color is magical Black.


Padukone’s Favorite Actor:

She names Ranbir Kapoor, her ex-boyfriend, as her favorite actor.


Deepika Padukone

Favorite Actress:

Hema Malini


Favorite Movie:

Deepika’s all time favorite movie id Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge


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