Front Squats


Front Squats


Another form of Squats ,the Front squats can really help you achieve that great lower body. The only difference here is that the barbell is placed ahead of the shoulder blades rather than behind the neck like in Squats. Quadriceps muscles are targeted the most in this exercise. Front squats are often interpreted wrongly leading to injuries which can keep you out of gym. So, one should lay emphasis on the correct form while performing squats for peak results. The key for front squats is that its your shoulders which will hold the barbell and not your wrist. It will hurt you if you try supporting weight with your hands.

Front Squats


Front Squats Correct Form:


  • Stand in front of a squat rack with a barbell of suitable weight, at chest level.
  • Start with your Chest up, elevated elbows and hands open. You should always stretch your wrists and triceps first for flexible movement.
  • Their are 2 types of grip hold in Front squats: 1. Cross arm grip  2. Clean grip. You should start with clean grip movement as cross arm is a bit difficult and may roll the bar down if you are a beginner.


Front Squats


  • Your toes should point in the same direction as your knee, and should be 30-45° out.
  • Now place the bar and cross over your hands around the barbell and sit back to squat. Sitting back can be tough as far as exact form is concerned. So it will put pressure on your hip muscle more. Try to squat down till your hip joint is parallel to your knee joint.
  • Rise back up, exhaling, and squeezing your hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteus muscles for a perfect squat.
  • You may do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions each.




  • In order to lift heavy on Front Squats, you should primarly focus on Back Squats. As Front is not a substitute for Back squats, rather is a variety of it.


Front Squats Video:


Front Squats Muscles Targeted:


Front Squats

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