Miranda Kerr


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Miranda Kerr



Miranda May Kerr is a Australian supermodel who rose to fame as one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Kerr started modelling at the age of 13 and is the first Australian to participate in the Victoria’s Secret campaign. She is Married to Actor Orlando Bloom.


  • Miranda’s Figure Measurements : Kerr has an enviable figure 32-24-34
  • Miranda Kerr Height : Kerr is 5ft 9 inches tall.
  • Miranda’s Weight : Miranda weighs 115 pounds
  • Kerr’s Real name : Miranda May Kerr
  • Miranda Kerr Birthday : Miranda was born on 20th April, 1983

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6 Responses to Miranda Kerr

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  2. Paige says:

    She’d definitely have to be undweight because I’m the same height and 55kg (she’s about 52kg according to this) and my BMI says I’m underweight. I bet she’s less than the stated weight too.

  3. Kt says:

    No 115 is 52.2 kgs if she was 105 pounds then she would be 47 kgs which means way underweight. Divide pounds by 2.2 for kgs

  4. Louise says:

    This is incorrect, Miranda is about 125 pounds, maybe even more as she her body changed during her pregnancy, but she has enhanced her new curves even more, so I like her figure better than before she was pregnant :)

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