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Salman Khan

Salman Khan has the best body in Bollywood. He is a mega star. Salman’s body is not like of a bodybuilder, but good muscles, perfect shaped and almost nil fat, says personal trainer D’souza!. People usually assume that Salman uses steroids to rip his body but that’s really not the case. So, Lets check how he keeps his body fit:

Salman Khan

Work often keeps Salman busy. Thus, at times he starts his workout as late as 2 am!!. “Salman works out for at least two hours continuously. His workout includes one hour of cardio, concentrating on any two body parts each time- triceps, legs, back and biceps” says D’souza. He is very particular and punctual about his workout and once in the gym, nothing affects his concentration. While in the gym, if someone approaches him for an autograph or a photograph, he asks them to wait until he is finishes his exercise session. He has got perfect abs and works a lot to retain and maintain them. “He does 500 crunches, pull-ups and chin-ups” adds D’Souza.

Salman Khan

“He does unbelievable stuff like 1,000 push-ups in a day or 2,000 sit-ups in a day” says Manish Advilkar, a fitness trainer and has trained Salman for over 6 years. Discipline, dedication and hardwork have been the three pillars of Salman’s fitness success. “Today, of course his body speaks for his dedication. No matter how punishing and exhausting his shooting schedule is, Salman will still find time to exercise” adds Manish.

Salman Khan Diet:

This is the most interesting factor: What kind of a diet is required to get a ripped body like Salman’s? One thing’s for certain, Salman doesn’t eat junk food . He consumes purely natural food like meats, vegetables and fruits. Its simply this.

Salman Khan


Eats Clean sources of protein: mainly -Chicken, Egg Whites and Fish. avoids sugar completely and processed food as well Salads and pulses are his sources of carbohydrates


He does weight lifting, carries a heavy weight training session Does a heavy body weight training regime, that sometimes leads to 1000 pushups!! Follows a heavy cardio routine as well.

All is nothing but an old fashioned style of working out with emphasis on eating good and healthy diet.

Salman Khan

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