How many of us out there think and then rethink when the term protein supplements or protein shakes come to your mind. This one is for all of you out there who end up thinking about it. This article is purely based on my experiences with a particular brand of protein and how I have benefited from it.

Before I get started let me describe myself to you. I am an average 20 year old weighing 170 pounds and measuring 6 feet and would one could say that I have an athletic build. I started taking protein (not selling a product so would not be naming what I took, if someone wants to know they can send us an email and we shall be glad to share with them the information) about three months ago. Prior to this I had been going to the gym for about two months. Over these two months I didn’t gain much strength nor did I bulk up much. Despite the skepticism I ended up taking down some protein in my diet. I took a scoop in the morning and one after I had worked out in the gym. The results were as stated below:

• I could see a considerable amount of difference in terms of strength within the first week itself. Literally speaking I was able to pick up heavier weights and work out longer. This resulted in working out my muscles to their optimum levels thus generating maximum growth and results.

• Moving into my second week I was more confident working out at the gym *Hello who doesn’t like picking heavier weights. Visually still I wasn’t seeing much difference but as they say for results to show up you have to give it some time.

• At the end of a month I was gradually seeing a visible change in my appearance. I had buffed up a bit but there still was a lot more to head in.

• At the end of the second month I had gained two inches around my biceps and a couple of inches around my chest. I had loosed a bit of tummy fat too.

At the end of the two months I gave up protein shakes and went all natural. This again was a personal choice. Like they say everything in excess is harmful. Well I personally am a strong believer of the fact. Over the course of the months that followed I kept faithful with my time at the gym and the diet I took. I made it a point to eat healthy and maintain an optimum diet. I did not incur any side effects or any digestive problems over the course I did take protein supplements. Again the point to emphasize here is to take the right stuff and have it in the right proportions. One should make it a point that if they are taking supplements and eating a certain diet then they are also burning it out in the gym. Protein supplements do help, they helped me but you should know when to stop. Once you reach a certain level of strength and endurance up at the gym you should be strong enough to give it up and go all natural.

Hope this helps and do let us know about your personal experiences with Protein supplements.

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