How to reduce weight?? This is the question asked by millions of people in world, with increasing obesity in everyone! Now a days Every one seems to be targeted at weight loss- exercising, going on diet, fainting with nearly no food for days- but still the tummy isn’t reducing! or comes back as soon as normal routine starts. Ayurvedic weight loss is a very natural and scientific approach towards weight loss.

ayurvedic weight loss


It believes that every individual has to be managed differently based upon three doshas- Vaata, Pitta and Kapha. us, each body needs to consume and avoid food items on the basis of their doshas and ayurveda body categories  The Kapha body type is most vulnerable of being obese. However, this doesn’t mean that the other two body types can not become overweight.


How to Reduce Weight Naturally?

Ayurveda advocates a realistic look at your body type when considering weight loss. It does not say to punish the body of its due nourishment . Ayurveda teaches to know one’s body then bringing all its systems in function. It guides the mind’s and body’s ability to regulate themselves by relaxing the central nervous system, enhancing the digestive system, and regulating the storage of energy and fat. The important things to be done when struggling for weight loss includes-

* Eating as per body type- foods that are suitable and desired to your body type.

* Exercising- not only the body needs exercise but also the mind needs it. (that is done when we do Yoga)
* Eating habits- right  food at right time.
* Strengthening your body capability through food habits and exercise.
* Using herbal and home remedies for weight loss (rather than any of anti obesity drugs that reduces hunger)


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