Cameron Diaz is one of the leading actresses in Hollywood today. She shot to fame from the movie Charlie’s Angels and has given her voice to movies like Shrek. The 40 year old has always been the talk of the town for her amazingly youthful looks and her acting abilities last seen in the movie Bad Teacher. This pretty lady has partnered men like Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper. There must be something about this pretty woman that must be getting the top boys from Hollywood going after her. Let’s see what she does to keep her in such good shape at all times.

Cameron Diaz Diet Plan:

Cameron supports a lean body. This is maintained by the diet she follows. The diet plan that she follows is provided to her by her trainer Teddy Bass. The diet plan she follows keeps her lean but doesn’t make her seem to be lean in a negative way. She follows at strict diet where she eats six means in a day with no Whites. When we say anything white, it means white potatoes, rice, white sugar or anything made with flour. Her exact diet plan is as follows:-


  • Some raw almonds
  • Protein shake
  • Plain yogurt and Milk

Morning snack:

  • Fruit
  • Some more almonds
  • Coffee


  • Grilled chicken with green salad


  • Two boiled eggs
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Salad with lots of greens

Before dinner and sleep:

  • Dark chocolate

Cameron is known for her muscular arms and toned legs. Her tight diet plan has much to do with the upkeep of these assets.

Cameron Diaz Workout routine:

cameron diaz1 

The 5’9 Cameron is a strong believer of the fact that if you look good physically it helps in one being happy and confident. As she has touched 40, Cameron has started devoting more time in physical exercise than what she did five to ten years ago. Quoting her-

I love getting older,” said Cameron. “I love everything that comes with it. I’m better in every way because of it. I think it’s such a blessing. As I get older, I become happier because I’m wiser, I know myself better [and] I connect to people better.”


She is a strong example for women who give up hope after they cross the 40 number. Not only an example but a strong role model to all those 40 plus women out there.
Cameron divides her work out routine into basically three parts. That being 1) Cardio 2) Pilates and 3) Weight Training. She follows a strict regime, working out five times in a week that being Monday to Friday.

cameron diaz2

Cardio Routine:

  • Running and walking – Cameron uses the treadmill for this purpose. She divides this routine into 2 half’s. First half being running for a minute followed by walking for a minute. She does this for a span of fifteen minutes.
  • Stepper – following the treadmill Cameron hits the Stepper. She starts from a lower resistance level, moving up to higher resistance after 2 minutes. She uses the stepper for a span of 15 minutes, projecting to help her burn about 273 calories.

After the usage of all these machines, her trainer Teddy Bass makes Cameron Diaz do a series of exercises:-

  • Step up with reverse lunge
  • Squat with a curtsy
  • Glider-side lunge
  • Side lunges to curtsy
  • Narrow squats with overhead press.

Weight training:


Weight training with a regular cardio routine is the recipe of a body like that of Miss Diaz. There is a wrong perception amongst women about weight training. They think that picking weights will result in gain of muscles. This is factually incorrect, women lack a high level of testosterone which is responsible for high muscle gain. With weight training women don’t gain muscle, but they get lean and get their muscles toned up.

  • Pull up- 3 sets of 10 each
  • Inverse Row- 2 sets of 10 each
  • Dips
  • Chest Press- 3 sets of 15 each
  • Bench Press-3 sets of 15 each
  • Push-up- 3 sets of 10 each

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