Lifting heavy weights with incorrect form is of no use. So try to concentrate on the correct form of every exercise. Correct form of every exercise will lead to gain in muscle mass and shape.

Declined Bench Press Correct Form:

  • Lower the barbell till your lower chest or upper abs, portion is touched.
  • Move only your arms, and push the bar up to the starting position until it is locked.
  • You should feel the pressure on your Lower chest at this position.
  • Keep your elbows tucked in as you lower the bar.
  • To avoid excess strain on shoulder joints, do not let your upper arms go straight out to the sides.



Have a training partner or helper spot you while performing this exercise, just in case you need help in between for balancing or lifting.


Decline Bench Press video will help you to understand the correct form:


In Decline Barbell Bench Press, the muscles worked are pectoral, deltoids and triceps. Check the Muscle Map for details of these muscles.