You all will agree to the fact that “John Abraham has the best body in Bollywood”. John had a lean, model type physique when he came in came in film industry. Don’t you remember the ‘Kabir’ of YRF Dhoom? But now, he has completely transformed his body into a much bulkier and bodybuilder type look, and is appreciated globally by his fans for this. So, what makes this Vegetarian celebrity look so look so ripped and perfect, with over 18inch biceps and 8 pack abs? Lets check out what John has to say about his Meals:


As we all know, to get sufficient protein in our diet, we must have non-veg foods. So John being a vegetarian really needed to balance hisdiet when it comes to getting protein, carbs and fats from Veg source only.


John Abraham daily Diet Plan :-



  • 6 Eggs ( 5 whites and 1 with yolk )
  • Fresh fruit juice
  • Butter toasts
  • Almonds

John advises everyone to have King size breakfast, as your body goes in a catabolic state when you don’t eat for 6-8hours, i.e. when you are asleep. So its important to have a heavy breakfast everyday. Also, you need a healthy meal to kickstart your day and keep your energy levels high.

Snacks in between meals:-

  • A Protein drink
  • or milk,
  • or dry nuts

John advises to keep munching light snacks in between your meals to keep your metabolism high and to stay energetic. This may be anything you like, just make sure you opt for healthy meals and not junk food.

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  • Chapatis
  • Dal
  • Vegetables
  • Curd
  • Salad

John’s lunch is typically an Indian Thali which is rich in nutrients, minerals and fiber.


  • Fruits
  • Sports drink with caffeine
  • Protein Drink
  • Complex Carbs from any source.

John Abraham likes to have carbohydrate and protein in equal amounts 30-40 minutes before his workout. He adds caffeine drink as it helps to delay fatigue under strenuous exercises.

Post Workout:

  • Whey Protein Shake
  • Low Carb intake
  • Supplements like Creatine, Glutamine, BCAAs and multivitamins ( as advised by his doctor and coach ).

John recommends Whey protein shakes to everyone aiming to build muscles.

But you should always consult with your physician before adding any supplement in your diet. As it is your duty to ensure what you are putting in your body. Just because you favorite actor is taking a supplement that doesn’t mean you should take it blindly. As they are under expert’s care and guidance and follows a very strict Regime everyday to get that Pinnacle Physique.

So, this was John Abraham Diet which he followed to get ripped for movies like Force, Shootout at Wadaala, Desi Boyz and Race 2.

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