WWE superstar John Cena, have one of the best body in WWE. this great man used to be very skinny before he started his workout and training. To have a body like John Cena is the dream of every boy. So let’s check out what did skinny kid do to get such a powerful body, which can even lift the 500lbs huge man big show!! on his shoulders.

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CENA started bodybuilding from the age of 15 years. He had a great interest in weightlifting and bodybuilding. And now, the WWE superstar John Cena has a height 6’1″ and weighs around 240lbs. John Cena shares, that when it comes in getting a huge muscular body, perfect in shape, diet plays a very important role in it.


Although Cena trains very hard in gym, but the secret behind Cena’s perfect body is his Diet which is as follows:


  • 16 Boiled eggs-white portion of 8 eggs only
  • 100-150gms Oat meat
  • with raisins and apple sauce
  • 2-3 litres. of milk


  • Rich protein shake and high protein food
  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 100gms of Brown veggies and rives.


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Mid-Afternoon Diet:

  • Tuna
  • Wheat Bread


Pre and Post workout Diet:

  • Whey protein shake with bananas and ice-cream in it.


Late evening snacks:

  • Protein shake with cheese.



  • 200Ggms Grilled fish or chicken
  • Brown rice or pasta
  • Raw or boiled vegetables
  • Dressed salad with green items mainly.


So, following a strict and healthy diet and workout is the secret of John Cena’s great body.