Pull Down or Lateral Pull Down is one of the best exercises that work on your Back muscles. It works on the lats, rear deltoids, biceps, and forearms muscle group, but more pressure is put on the Lats and upper back muscles. Lat Pull Down is rated:-  8.5 out of 10 — EXCELLENT.

Many people tend to ignore the proper way and lay emphasis on the weight pulled. This can be very dangerous as it can cause lower back injuries and many unwanted muscle streching. So correct form of every exercise is very important.


Lateral Pull Down Correct Form:



  • Attach a bar to a high pulley and adjust your seat so as your feet touch the ground and your knees are locked under pads properly.
  • Grab the bar and hold a bit wider than your shoulder width. Wrap your hands properly on the bar
  • You should choose a moderate weight.
  • Pull the bar with your lats and bend slightly backwards as you bring the bar near your chest, exhale as you bring it down.
  • Hold this position for a second to maximize the peak contraction.
  • Inhale as you move the bar to top at starting position.
  • Again straighten your arms to the top i.e. starting position.



For variety, vary your hand grip  to work your back from different angles (i.e. wide grip, narrow grip, overhand, underhand, etc.).


Pull Downs Video to help you understand the correct form:



In Lat Pull Downs, the muscles worked are lats, rear deltoids, biceps, and forearms. Check the Muscle Map for details of these muscles and position in our body.

Lat pull down

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