The most common leg exercise ‘Leg Extensions’ is an effective isolated movement that targets the quadriceps muscles. Almost every gym has the extension machine, though in different shapes or style, they more or less targets the same muscle group. Leg Extension must be a part of your leg workout routine, but it should not be treated as a primary or complete workout for legs, like Squats or Deadlift.

As i always advice that correct form is prior to lifting heavy weights, so one should use proper form and then focus on increasing the weights to maximize muscle growth and prevent injuries.

Leg Extension Correct Form:


  • Sit on the machine chair and keep your back sticked and aligned straight with the back-rest throughout the movement.
  • Adjust the pad lever above your foot and much below your knee, be comfortable with your adjustment.
  • Adjust the weight knob on suitable weight and get into the position of starting.
  • Your knee angle should be less than 90 degrees to avoid stress on knees. Now holding the support bars, on side of the sitting chair, move only your lower legs to slide the lever up and halt just before your legs are straight.

1305835208 1 body solid cam series seated leg extension seated leg curl

Leg Extension Machine


  • Squeeze your quadriceps for a second and slowly bring down the weight down using curl motion and stop just before your knees are perpendicular.
  • You should keep the motion slow and steady in control.
  • Stat with light weights, and gradually move on to heavyweights.
  • Do 3-4 sets with 10-15 repetitions each.


Leg Extension Video:

Tips and Warnings:


  • You should never forget warming up before performing any leg exercises, else it will result in muscle pull or injuries that may keep you out of gym.
  • Cardio for 10 minutes or jogging is just perfect for a warm up.
  • Don’t swing your upper body while swinging the weights, this will take the pressure off the quadriceps.


Muscles Used in Leg Extension are Quadriceps.


Quadriceps Muscles

Leg Extension Muscles Used

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