Muscle Map & Human Muscle Anatomy/Structure, 5 Injury Prone Exercises in the Gym

Muscle Map/Human Body Muscle Anatomy & Structure


Muscle Map, Human Body Muscle Anatomy



Human Body Muscle Anatomy Map



Download these images and zoom them to see the required muscle group. This may help you to generally understand human muscle structure and may benefit your workout as well since mind muscle connection is pivotal while exercising and that can be possible only when you at least have an idea about the structure of muscles in the body.


gym mistakes to avoid injury muscles

Nowadays almost everyone, from a teenager to a working woman, works out to be Healthy. And for a complete workout, going to the gym is considered as the best and convenient way to lose weight, gain muscles, stay fit and be in shape. But the truth is that most people especially the beginners who aim to gain muscles quickly or get bulky tends to ignore the correct form of exercises and does not take proper guidance to perform the exercise. They often copy other bodybuilders in the gym, or reads from a magazine, or see workout videos of wrestlers and stuff, and does the same exercise in the gym when they work out. This can be dangerous and can lead to injuries that may be severe in most cases. So I advise that you should always ask a certified trainer for the correct form, suitable weights, and duration for an exercise before you actually start your fitness regime. Here are 5 most injury prone exercise that may keep you out of the gym if not performed with care and correct form.

1. Bench Press


Bench Press

Flat Barbell Bench Press

The most common exercise since ancient times in the Bench Press. It is performed by everyone to get those huge pecs. but if it is not done correctly, then you will miss going to the gym for a few weeks.

Most common incorrect forms related to Bench Press is :


  • Not placing the hands equidistant from both sides of the bar.
  • Placing the handing too far or too close to each other there by taking the pressure off the chest to the shoulder blades and triceps, causing overload to the soft muscles, and leading instant muscles injury.
  • Getting excited and lifting too heavy weights without warmup with push-ups or cardio. You may not feel any discomfort when you suddenly lift heavy, but practically it leads to muscle damage as they are not ready for the heavy load.
  • Moving the bar ( up and down ) too fast and hands are swinging at different angles. this rapid swing movement of the bar leads to muscle sprain and you will be advised rest for 2-3 weeks by the doctor.


2. Leg Press


Leg Press

45 Degrees Leg Press Machine


A Leg workout can never be complete without the Leg Press. Performed by almost every guy hitting the gym, it is also in the list of the most injury prone exercises due to the fact that this machine exercise allows us to lift the maximum and very heavy weight with all sort of incorrect form.

Most common incorrect postures during Leg Press are:


  • People often bend their head forward and takes a good view of their leg muscles and up-down of the weight, without even realizing that this bending forward of the neck is placing an extreme amount of stress and pressure on the neck joints.
  • Another most common and unobserved mistake, which I am sure even you might have neglected while doing this exercise is that people keep their butt off the seat, and only pays attention on the feet movement. This leads to intense pressure on the spine, which can be dangerous, causing acute or chronic back problems. 

You may not feel these symptoms at the very instant, but committing these common mistakes, you end up doing lower back and neck exercise that too in an incorrect form,  rather than pumping your legs.


3. Lateral Pull Downs


Lat Pulldowns

Front Lateral Pull Downs is the alternative.


Lateral pull downs are performed by everyone, whether a bulky bodybuilder or a beginner. Rather almost all back workouts start with Lat Pull Downs. No doubt it hits the back muscles better than most of the exercises, but at the same time can be a real cause for injury to your shoulders leading to shoulder impingement, rotator tear, and neck sprain.


  • Worry starts when you are pulling the bar behind your neck, bending down your neck and pulling down with force till your head level.
  • Often people pull down very hard and the rod hits their neck or upper spine, leading to strain.
  • An immense amount of pressure put on the neck and shoulders that too in the wrong direction can cause injuries.
  • One should prefer pulling in front rather than back to release the needless strained pressure on the neck and shoulders.
  • One interesting fact you should know is that Pull Downs were invented when humans got lazy and weak to perform Pull Ups– The King.


4. Squats



Squats on Smith Machine.


As we all know the Squats is one of the best compound exercises to pump-up full body muscles and trigger the growth hormone on the body and enable our body to grow eventually. Squats are recommended by every bodybuilder and for every bodybuilder too. So if you wanna get a perfect lower body with muscular legs and flat abs, then you can not even think to neglect the squats for every time you go to the gym. But at the same time as more and more easy and comfortable machines and shortcuts and easily available for our body, the moderate growth and injuries come into play. The advanced and supporter machine- The Smith Machine for Squats is one of the examples of these.


  1. Performing a squat on smith machine takes off the pressure, and makes it easy to squat because it provides a grip to easily move up and down only and weight always remains balanced.
  1. But the problem comes when most people put their feet too far than required, leading to high pressure on the spine and back muscles.
  1. One should try doing this exercise with their feet no more than shoulder-width apart.
  1. When you bend down, you should make sure that your knees make an angle of 90 degrees with each other before you push up.


5. Crunches



Crunches – Abs Burn Out


Just after thinking about abs in your mind, the first exercise that pops up is Crunches. It is one of the oldest and the best exercise performed since ancient times to get the perfect abs. But most common and most injury prone method of Crunching is now performed by everyone in the gym.


  • What one does is, they tuck their chin inwards and pull up their body in arc using their neck force. 
  • Resulting in damaging of the neck and sudden muscle or tissue sprain.
  • If you have just started doing crunches, then slow down a little and start increasing your sets and reps day by day gradually. Then speed of each crunch. 
  • Prefer elevating your knees to reduce strain on neck and back and put it on abs.

So this was all. The most common mistakes while doing the most important exercises in the gym. You may be very eager to gym every day, but remember its only a small mistake, small ignorance, but this may keep you out of the gym for months. So keep your ego on one side and be conscious during your workout sessions to avoid damaging any of your body muscle.

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