MuscleBlaze Whey Protein: Is it worth buying?


If you are from India and does weight lifting then you must have heard about MuscleBlaze Whey protein, probably because of its price. And as we know that genuine supplements in India are pretty expensive, so price is something that has to be kept in mind while buying a new one.

Not so long ago, an Indian company came into market with its sports supplements range and it gained attention of all Indian gym goers because they were selling it much cheaper than international brands like ON, Ultimate Nutrition, Dymatize etc.

You must have seen the product on and read about it and might be wondering if its the right stuff to buy. Here i am gonna review the protein based on my experience and other gathered info from genuine buyers, so that you can decide whether this is worth your hard earned money or you should skip it and buy other brand’s protein for few bucks more.

To be honest i was also confused about whether to order it or not, but what made me to finally order MuscleBlaze Whey protein is:-

1. Website of MuscleBlaze looked professional

2. Youtube channel looked professional

3. The price was much cheaper than other brands

4. The product had professional label with every ingredient mentioned in detail.


So, first of all you gonna decide: What do you want in a whey protein supplement? Most of the prople outside India would look for an awesome tasting whey i.e. flavor, but we Indians look for the price, even i looked up for its cost. SO what’s the cost of this whey protein? Well, its MRP is 5099INR (84$) and it’s online price is 4079Rs (67$), this is how much i had paid for it at for 2Kg bucket.

As you know this is a new company’s product and had not been in the market earlier so one must go through a full review by real time users before buying this product.


  • Mixability:-

The product mixes pretty well, rather better than i expected! Even if you add less water, this product would still mix well in that. But, i noticed some lumps in it if you mix it in milk. Vigorous shaking with a spring inside improves that and at the end only a few lumps are left which can be neglected. So overall i would give it 8/10 in mixability.


  • Taste:-

You will have to add less water to a scoop of this whey protein, else it may taste horrible. So in around 5 ounces of water, this product tastes good, but the taste will diminish and will taste like a chemical if you increase the water content in the shaker. It tastes better with milk than with water. Overall for taste i would give it 6/10.


Nutritional Facts:-


As you can see from the pic above, it has 25 grams of protein per scoop of 33 grams powder. Other things that it has is:

11.3gms of Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s)

5.4gms of Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAA’s)

4gms of Glutamic Acid

Now, honestly i don’t think these values are 100% correct, but for sure the protein content is near 25grams.

You would be getting around 133 calories, 1.7 grams of fat, 4.5 grams of carbohydrates (reasonably high as compared to other protein supplements).

primary source of protein is Whey Protein Isolate, which is the ideal one you should be buying.

I ordered the chocolate flavor as would recommend not to buy vanilla and strawberry as they taste not as good as chocolate, according to my friends who ordered these. But at the end its your choice on the flavor. ( chocolate>strawberry>vanilla order of taste )

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So, this was all about review of MuscleBlaze Whey protein.


Please note that this or any other whey supplement isn’t magical and wont give you instant results. You must make sure that your daily nutrition is in check and your training is proper.

  • Side Effects:-

I have been using this supplement for 2 weeks now, and have not noticed any allergy or side effect. So be relaxed, this doesn’t have any side effect.


  • Price is still a little high
  • Taste is only acceptable

Final Verdict:-

If you are on a budget and wanna try an Indian brand, go for it without even thinking twice. But, if you afford a little more, go for the evergreen trusted brand like Ultimate Nutrition.

If you look closely on Healthkart, they have given cost per gram of protein for every protein supplement. And you can compare different product on that basis to get an exact estimate for every single buck you are paying. You will notice that its more or less for the same price as Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey which has 80 servings in it, and this one has only 60 servings.

But if you wanna go for this product, go for it, you won’t regret it.

( I am not being paid anything for this review, so i am being honest about it and telling things based on my experience )

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