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Are Protein Supplements good for you?

How many of us out there think and then rethink when the term protein supplements or protein shakes come to your mind. This one is for all of you out there who end up thinking about it. This article is purely based on my experiences with a particular brand of protein and how I have benefited from it….

healthy smoothies

Weight Gain Diet Plan

This diet is one of the best diet for lean mass gainers aiming to gain around 3-5 kgs. This diet can prove to be an ideal diet for hard gainers too. One should low this plan to gain light weight, and if you wanna gain even more then follow the “Best weight Gain diet”, of…

lat pulldowns

Lateral Pull Downs

Pull Down or Lateral Pull Down is one of the best exercises that work on your Back muscles. It works on the lats, rear deltoids, biceps, and forearms muscle group, but more pressure is put on the Lats and upper back muscles. Lat Pull Down is rated:-  8.5 out of 10 — EXCELLENT. Many people tend to…

John Cena WWE Superstar 9

John Cena Diet Plan

WWE superstar John Cena, have one of the best body in WWE. this great man used to be very skinny before he started his workout and training. To have a body like John Cena is the dream of every boy. So let’s check out what did skinny kid do to get such a powerful body,…

leg extension exercise

Leg Extension

The most common leg exercise ‘Leg Extensions’ is an effective isolated movement that targets the quadriceps muscles. Almost every gym has the extension machine, though in different shapes or style, they more or less targets the same muscle group. Leg Extension must be a part of your leg workout routine, but it should not be…

drinking beer

Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

Calling attention to all the Beer drinkers!!! IF you are addicted to drinking beer and getting tensed then you have something to cheer about if a recent internationally proven report is to be believed: The consumption of beer in moderate quantities (that means 1 to 2 glasses only!!) could reduce the risk of heart disease….

Bipasha Basu Bengal Bomshell

Bipasha Basu Fitness Diet

Bipasha Basu Diet: Bipasha Basu apart from being a wonderful actress, also has one of the hottestt figure in Bollywood.  However this was not the case earlier, rather Bipasha was target of criticism for being too fatty and irregular body shape!. And soon the Bengali babe with a height 5’8″ started improving her diet and…

Ayurvedic Remedies Ayurveda

Ayurveda Weight Loss

How to reduce weight?? This is the question asked by millions of people in world, with increasing obesity in everyone! Now a days Every one seems to be targeted at weight loss- exercising, going on diet, fainting with nearly no food for days- but still the tummy isn’t reducing! or comes back as soon as…

cameron diaz

Cameron Diaz Workout and Diet

Cameron Diaz is one of the leading actresses in Hollywood today. She shot to fame from the movie Charlie’s Angels and has given her voice to movies like Shrek. The 40 year old has always been the talk of the town for her amazingly youthful looks and her acting abilities last seen in the movie…

conc curl

Concentration Curls

Dumbbell Concentration curls is an effective isolation exercise for biceps. This is a good exercise for getting a peak concentration in the muscles. Concentration Curls is rated:-  9 out of 10 — EXCELLENT. Though it seems easy to perform, no one seems to be doing it correctly. Correct Form of every exercise is prior to lifting…