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Patanjali Drishti Eye Drops

Hello everyone, today I am going to share with you all my honest review on the product made by an Indian company PATANJALI whose CEO is Ramakrishnan Acharya whereas Baba Ramdev is just a face of the company. According to sources, 99.9% of the total revenue or profit is of Patanjali is utilized for research and development, rural development and overall growth and progress of India. If that’s true then there is something to cherish about and we should buy PATANJALI products rather than going for a foreign brand. So, let’s begin an honest review of the Drishti Eye Drops and some shocking truths which would astonish you all. First, let me make it clear that I am not being paid by Patanjali or any of its associates to write this review. I shall be as transparent and fair as possible in describing this honest review.





Let me give you a brief background about my eye condition. I am a 25-year-old healthy man with no history of any eye disease, never wore spectacles in school or college, always had perfect vision. But due to an increased computer and mobile use, I did feel blurry vision randomly for many years but never took it seriously. The fact is that I was ignorant and very careless when it comes to my eyes, even my family members having typical conservative mindset used to say things like glasses doesn’t look good on a guy, spoils the personality, once you start wearing glasses then there is no turning back etc. Hence there was always a mental barrier to go and get my eyes tested despite having symptoms of blurred vision. I used to have frequent headaches, sometimes severe in nature, but still, I never got my eyes tested for years. It was only in the year 2017 September that I finally gathered the courage and intellect, and got my eyes checked for the first time in the year 2017, September month and started wearing glasses.




A few months passed by, my eyesight became worse as almost the entire day I used to work on gadgets, watch movies and read on my mobile and laptop. I had to get my eyes checked repeatedly every few months. Basically, my eyes kept on deteriorating and I had to finally visit of a professional eye doctor to get my eyes examined thoroughly rather than merely getting the vision tested again and again on shops. So it was in the month of July 2018 that I visited a very famous doctor in Chandigarh, India. My eye doctor told me that I have a dry eye problem i.e. because of heavy computer use I used to blink less without realizing it thus making my eyes dry. Also, I was told that I had deteriorating astigmatism, high cylindrical power, and suspected keratoconus. He finally advised me a few lubricant eyes drops to be used three times a day, and an eye gel to be put in the eyes before sleeping. The most disturbing and upsetting thing was that he asked me to get the Pentacam/Keratoconus examination of the eye performed as soon as possible. For reference this was the result of the vision test done:


Eyesight Report Before Using Drishti Eye Drops



Eyes tested on 2nd July 2018, before using Patanjali Drishti Eye drops


This was really shocking and unbelievable for me, I was upset and finally went to a big hospital nearby my house to get my eyes tested for keratoconus, thankfully the test did not conclude anything. That is, the report neither proved the absence of keratoconus nor did it prove the presence of keratoconus. The director of that hospital advised me to get this test repeated if my eye vision continues to get worse in the coming months especially if the cylindrical power keeps on increasing. I asked the doctors whether there is something I could do to save my eyes from getting worse, but I was told that there is virtually nothing which could be done to save the progression and worsening of eye diseases.


So like any other depressed person, fearful about what the future of my eyes would be, I started searching on the Internet about how to cure eyesight naturally, how to permanently remove eyeglasses, how to cure myopia etc.

Finally, I came across a video of yoga guru Ramdev in which he was seen talking about his company’s natural product Patanjali DRISHTI eye drops. I heard him saying that it is a very powerful, natural, 100% result giving, eye healer, disease curer etc. I immediately search the product on Google and found out that it costs a meager amount i.e. only 20 Indian Rupees ($0.28).


Since it was so cheap and inexpensive, the very next day I went to a nearby Patanjali store and purchased the Drishti Eye drops. The first time I put those drops in my eyes, it felt like I would die of pain, That burning sensation so strong that I felt as if a few small pieces of glass or sharp object were inserted in my eyes. It was so painful that I felt I would no longer be able to see again and I was going to lose my vision completely or would never be able to open my eyes and see this beautiful world ever again. (funny, a little exaggerated, but true!)




But thankfully within a few seconds, the pain was gone, I started feeling better, and in a minute or two I was able to open my eyes and immediately noticed that my eyes felt very relaxed, watery and more vivid. I continue using the Patanjali Drishti Eye drops every day on an average one or two drops, Especially whenever my eyes used to feel tired after working on my laptop.

Mind you the glasses which I was using currently were pf the following power:


Right: -1.25 cyl -1.25 sph

Left: -1.00 cyl -0.50 sph


During these days the workload on mobile and laptop increased to more than 10 hours every day, I was straining my eyes more than I had ever done in my life, But I continued to wear my glasses/prescription normally, and did not stop putting the Drishti eyedrops each day.




Suddenly last week I noticed that my eyes are getting tired very easily despite wearing glasses, out of nowhere a sharp pain started to occur in both of my eyes. I was forced to take rest multiple times during my sessions on laptop and mobile phone, the discomfort was bothering me and despite putting Drishti eyedrops regularly I was having eyestrain, eye pain, eye discomfort almost all day.


I was expecting the worse, that my eyes have further deteriorated and it might just be the time to get the keratoconus test repeated. I was sure and mentally convinced that the cylindrical power of my eyes has further increased, as I had started to notice blurred vision again, also the eye pain made me believe that my poor eyesight and vision loss has accelerated further. I even started laughing (mentally) on Ramdev and Patanjali company, I joked about it with my friends and family on how easy it is to fool customers and asserted that all companies does like this, i.e. create rumors, hype and fake marketing of their products. I took no time to assume that Patanjali is just like any other brand trying to fool people and only cares about earning money. Hence, Drishti eyedrop doesn’t work at all.


Finally, on 26th September 2018, I went to a high-profile professional optician which had top-notch eye testing equipment and, was authorized seller of most of the big brands.

After the eye test was completed and I was handed over the report, I went into deep shock, It was really unbelievable and I almost fainted (or at least felt like it). I could not believe what I saw, It almost felt like magic, My eyesight had improved. Yes, you read it right my eyesight had improved.


EyeSight Report after using Patanjali Drishti Eye drops:



Eyes tested on 26th September 2018, after regular use of Patanjali Drishti Eye drops for 2 months.


This was the Comparison of my vision before and after I started using Patanjali Drishti eyedrops.

So, guys, this was it, I had merely used it for two months regularly without any excuses, I continued to bear the pain and irritation it gives, I continued to have a mental faith on the yoga guru Ramdev, I continued to trust the basic indigenous ingredients mentioned on the label like onion juice, ginger, honey, lemon. Since it was a very cheap and inexpensive product, I wasn’t bothered at all. The results are in front of you, It still feels unbelievable and beyond apprehension that something of this sort can happen, I would certainly continue using Patanjali Drishti eyedrops. I cannot thank the company enough for making such a wonderful product.

At the end guys, I just want to tell you one thing that it is a natural ayurvedic product, It’s ingredients are explicitly mentioned on the label, Ramdev even asks people to make this mixture at home if they don’t feel comfortable buying his product. I would recommend you to use the Drishti eye drops without any fear. But one must have full faith in this product. Do not expect magical results within a day or two. Be patient, persevere and, the results would surely come. Continue putting the drops as many times as you feel comfortable in a day. And within a few months, you will notice a marked improvement in your overall vision.

Since everyone’s body and everyone’s eyesight is different. Your eyes may respond differently than mine. But at nearly Rs.20 ($0.28) per bottle, you seriously cannot ask for anything more. Its ingredients have been used in Indian culture since antiquity to treat many eye ailments. You all must give it a try and share your experiences in the comment section below.

I want you all to share this post with all your loved ones, family members and friends who are suffering from any kind of eye problem or are wearing glasses because of low vision, myopia or hypermetropia.

Come on now, help them save their eyes using this inexpensive indigenous magical Patanjali Drishti Eye drops.

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