preacher curl

Have you ever noticed that Preacher Curl bench is the staple of any fitness club? There is a reason for it. Simple- It Works. It is a great exercise to build overall biceps muscles and prevents you from cheating the form. This exercise is recommended by every bodybuilder, so you cant afford to miss this one every time you train your biceps in gym. Lets check it out:-

curls bench

You need to make sure that you are doing this exercise with correct form, else you are wasting your time. You must know the right technique for maximum muscle gains.


Preacher Curls Correct Form:-


  • Sit comfortably on the curls bench and ensure that your armpits fits over the pads.
  • With your elbows shoulder width apart, grab the bar with your biceps fully extended. This will be the starting position.
  • Slowly bring the barbell up while exhaling.


preacher curls  


  • Now, slowly lower the bar to the starting position till you feel a deep stretch in your biceps.
  • Repeat above steps and do 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps for max results.



  • If you can do 12 reps easily, increase the weight.
  • For variation, use dumbbells instead of barbell.


ezbar preacher curls




  • Keep the motion slow and controlled.
  • Keep back straight and don’t move your hips while lifting heavy.


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