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The cutest Disney star and singer Selena was born on 22nd July 1992 in Grand Prairie Texas. She was merely  seven years old when she made her debut in acting. Later on in 2004, she entered the Disney world, where she made her singing debut in 2008 for the album Disney Mania 6. She is not a tall girl, has a height of 5ft 5 inches, but likes to stay fit and is conscious about her diet and workout regime. Reportedly, many times she has been seen working out in gym. So lets check out her diet plan and what actually she does in gym.

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Once Selena Gomez was hospitalised for malnutrition issues and rumuors were about questioning to be pregnant or she was under-feeding herself. But it was due to lack of iron content in her body. Although as every one of us, even she is fond of junk food which was the main culprit for her health issues. But now, she is very conscious about her daily diet and calorie intake. Here is a sample of her diet.

Selena Gomez daily Diet Plan:



  • Mean Omelet
  • with cheese, onions and mushrooms

This comprises of almost 240 calories.



To keep up the energy levels, she eats sources of protein like;

  • Meat
  • Turkey or,
  • Fish

Her lunch is of 350 calories.



She loves

  • Reese’s Pieces or,
  • Snickers as a snack.



She loves to eat Italian food for dinner like

  • lasagna

Calories in Dinner = 800.

Selena Gomez Workout Routine:


Selena has an enviable figure and does light exercises to stay in shape. She prefers not to overeat and prevents being over weight. Her day to day unavoidable stress acts as a plus point here to maintain weight. But that does not mean you should take stress.


She hates to workout, and thus keeps a strict check on her diet. Though she manages to keep up in the gym but mostly does cardio exercises as in burns more calories and helps to increase stamina and endurance.

Her dance workout and aerobics keeps up body active. She has no intentions to be a lady John Cena and thus she keeps her weight training exercises to a minimum.

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Summing ut up, Selena Gomez is a sweet and healthy youngster, and has a very hectic schedule. Still she manages to spend quality time with his boyfriend Justin Bieber. She is in shape only because her diet plan is restricted and she is serious about it. Also she does regular cardio exercise which keeps the body fat to as desired. This prevents her from going on Crash diets or full time yoga stuffs.

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