South African Diet:

  • Starch based diet is most common in the meal of South Africans.
  • Their meal mainly consists of sweet potato yams, cornmeal, and a variety of green items.
  • Indian and Malaysian food add-ons like tomatoes, peanuts, chilies and spices are often used in cooking their food.
  • Food are generally cooked in coconut or palm oil.




East African Diet:


  • Even in East African region, Starch remains the main ingredient in their meal, with few add-ons.
  • East Africans does not prefer meat, as they believe that animals like Cow, Goat and Sheep are holy sacred.
  • Their daily diet includes lots of milk, bananas, millet and sorghum.



West African Diet:


  • West African Diet mainly has fish, chicken and other types of meats, made into stew.
  • For seasoning, cooks prefer onions, chili oil in bulk and yams for spicy and tasty dishes.
  • They also have homemade breads and mush in their daily meal.