You should know that triceps comprises almost 60% of the arms. It isn’t just biceps but the triceps which acts as base and gives an eye catching look to your arms. So never ignore any of your triceps exercise. Triceps kickbacks are essential part of every triceps workout if you are dreaming to get bigger in terms of arms. These are important for everyone willing to gain big triceps muscles and improve the appearance of their arms. Tricep kickbacks are the king of single arm tricep isolation exercises.


Tricep kickbacks are great for hitting your triceps after any heavy exercise, especially skull crushers or close grip bench or may be at the end of your triceps workout after you call it of on gym, to give up a final pump to the muscles which has no other option but to grow !!. All you need is a bench and a dumbbell for this exercise,


Correct form of every exercise is very important to enhance growth and really hit the desired muscles. So lay emphasis on the proper technique then move on to heavy weights.


Triceps Kickbacks Correct Form:


  • Grab a light dumbbell in one hand and put the other hand and same side knee on a flat bench as shown in the pics and animation.
  • Let the other hand be parallel to the ground and bent at the elbows. this being the starting position.
  • Now moving only your forearms and keeping elbows locked, slightly exhale as you kickback the dumbbells till your arm is straight and parallel to the ground.
  • Hold for a second and inhale as your lower the arm with dumbbell back to the starting position.
  • Ensure the movement is correct i.e. you move only your arms and not your elbows.
  • Each set should be done with moderate weight and proper form. A normal set should be of 3 sets with 10 to 12 repetitions each.

Dumbbell Kickbacks Tips:


  • Have a spotter handle you the dumbbells while you ensure correct position on the bench.
  • Do not use body momentum to swing your arms with dumbbells. Instead use a light weight dumbbell and follow the correct form given above.


Triceps Kickback Video

Triceps Kickbacks Muscles Used:


tricep kickback2 combined.bmp

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